Try Dives: Discover a new and fascinating world


A diving baptism or Try Dive is an activity that will allow you to discover the world of diving, you will try breathing by a regulator, enjoy the sensation of weightlessness and discover the fascinating marine life of Tenerife, as well as its impressive volcanic formations.



 The activity begins with a theoretical explanation, you will learn some basic concepts as well as some diving skills. Then, we will go to the sea, to an area protected of the waves, calm waters and, step by step, you will be coming into contact with the water, and finally, we will submerge. The maximum depth that can be reached is 12 meters. The instructor will manage all the equipment, the only thing you have to do is breathing, enjoy the wonders of the ocean and the fascinating feeling of weightlessness.


 The instructor will always adjust the activity to the rhythm and time that each person needs. Try dives are always in very small groups, with a maximum of two people per instructor. It will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience, plus we include some gift photos so you always remember it.


It will be your first time, but for sure it will

not be the last !!