DIVING courses

We offer diving courses of all levels, from Open Water Diver to Instructor. 

We work with three international Diving Agencies: SSI, PADI and SNSI.


* Discovery Scuba Diving or Try Scuba. Your first approach to the fascinating world of diving....it will be your first, but we are sure that it will not be your last time underwater..


 * Open Water Diver: First level course that certifies you as diver, it is an international qualification and it is forever, does not  expiry. It allows you to reach a maximum depth of 18 meters.


* Specialties: Night diver, deep diver, nitrox diver, wreck diver, drift diver, etc..


* Advanced Open Water Diver: This course will allow you to increase your knowledge of diving, it will give you more experience and, therefore, confidence, which will make you enjoy even more. It will allow you to reach a depth of up to 30 meters.


* Rescue Diver: After finishing this course you will be able to avoid, recognize and solve problems both on the surface and underwater. You will learn how to identify and deal with problematic situations. This course is taught with the EFR (first aid).


* Dive Master (professional level): With this qualification will be able to work in the wonderful world of diving, international validity. This is the first step in your professional career!


* Instructors Training.

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