Try Freediving-Discover Freediving

With this first freediving experience,  you will learn some basic concepts and skills that will allow you to comfortably immerse yourself with one breath, relaxation techniques, yoga applied to apnea, equalization techniques, correct ballasting, correct freediving positions, fluttering techniques and of free immersion, Discover your limits and you will be surprised of all that you can do and enjoy the sea as you never had.

Includes: freediving equipment, insurance, experienced instructor and free pictures.

150,00 €

90,00 €

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Book your Freediving session Private or in groups

freediving sessions or trainings various options available , here you can book your training if you are already a level 1, 2, 3 or professional freediver.

Sessions can include renting freediving equipment, lines, buoys and an instructor to accompany you.

You can book sessions in special locations such as turtle and ray areas.

freediving sessions or trainings various options available

120,00 €

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Freediving courses, levels 1, 2 and 3.

Freediving courses, levels 1, 2 and 3. Certified by PADI, Apnea Academy and SSI agencies.

Includes: instructor, equipment (lines, buoy and weights) and insurance.

Does not include goggles, wetsuit and fins.

Can be rented

freediving course

290,00 €

Professional Video

Go home with the best memory, a professional video of your unique and unrepeatable experience. The video is delivered in 2 versions: HD versions and anothe one for social networks.  the best scenes of your diving, snorkeling, boat ride, freediving experience ... etc

60,00 €

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