Guided Snorkeling tour in turtles area & Boat ride

Enjoy the best snorkeling tour, guided by experienced freediving instructors and marine biologists. Your will never forget the experience of swimming with green turtles, you can also watch stingrays and a lot of marine life. The experience includes a boat trip through the protected area of Malpais de Rasca, guided snorkeling tour, full snorkeling equipment, activity insurance, gift photos of the experience and optional video (available to purchase the day  of the activity or in our website). Hightly recommended activity for Groups, families or people who love the Ocean and its wonders

Tour de Snorkeling en zona de avistamineto de tortugas y mantaryas + paseo en barco por espacio protegido natural
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69,00 €

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Snorkeling Tour in Montaña Amarilla, Los Abrigos, Abades or Las Maravillas


 Enjoy the best snorkeling tours in Tenerife, discover the best underwater landscapes of the island, you will be guided by and experienced freediving instructor expert in marine fauna. You will discover the wonders of Tenerife underwater world.

From shore tours:  Los Abrigos and its natural pools & Abades Bay 

Boat Tour: Montaña Amarilla, Las Maravillas and El Banco

It includes: snorkeling equipement (Wetsuits, mask, snorkel and fins), instructor, pictures. 

Video: available to purchase the day of the activity or in our website.

Tour de Snorkeling en Los Abrigos, Montaña Amarilla, Abades o Las Maravillas

45,00 €

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Special Offer: Private Boat Trip and Snorkeling in Turtles Area


Enjoy a amazing  day with your friends or family, with this private Snorkeling Tour.  Enjoy watching the coast of Tenerife from the sea, discover the impressive volcanic landscape of Malpais de Rasca, stop at the cliffs of Palmar and enjoy an hour of snorkeling in the area of Turtles and Stingrays watching. The snorkeling is guided by an experienced freediving instructor expert in marine biology.  We will also stop to take photos in the Cave of Love (Palmar cliffs area).

If we are lucky,  it is possible that we also watch dolphins that usually accompanies us in the navigation.

The private tour takes aproximately 2:00 hours, and can participate a maximum of 4 people.


Oferta Especial Tour Privado en Barco + Snorkeling con tortugas
600,00 €

450,00 €

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Profesional Video

Go home with the best memory, a professional video of your unique and unrepeatable experience. The video is delivered in 2 versions: HD versions and anothe one for social networks.  the best scenes of your diving, snorkeling, boat ride ... etc

60,00 €

50,00 €

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