BIOSEAN is an iniciative that combines whale watching and marine science through the participation of tourists, residents, students as well as researchers. We go out to sea every day with two main goals: to show our participants the wonders of our oceanic waters and to collect useful data to observe, investigate and understand marine fauna, specially cetaceans. We want to use our scientific tools to propose management and conservation measures.

During our tours you have the opportunity to watching, listening and understanding local fauna by being part of a research work. Researchers use our vessel and equipment as a tool to perform their research projects. Students participate in workshops and internships. Our work has an educational approach. Combining excitement and knowledge we promote effective learning, team work, responsibility, love and respect for nature.

Biosean’s boat CALDERON, is a RIB boat 7,49 meters of length and 225hp outboard engine. It has a capacity for 10 persons and 2 crew members. It is adapted and customised for whale watching and marine sciences. It is an ideal, light, versatile and confortable boat that allows participants to have a friendly, direct, personalised and most of all respectful encounter with the local fauna.





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Dolphins, Whales & Marine Biology - Tour 2,5 hours

Dolphins, Whales & Marine Biology

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